Merry Christmas! Happy 2014 New Year! Many Wishes!
New Year's anecdote

January ...
Note on the table:
"Happy New Year, dear.
P.S. The brine in the refrigerator P.P.S. Refrigerator in the kitchen. "

- Santa Claus, thanks for the gift you have brought me.
- It's nothing, forget it.
- I think so too, but my mother told me to say so.

- A Let's get those who can not do without either one New Year?
- Let's ...

- Police! Police! Name a star at Star Registry
Two homeless after the New Year holiday exchanged impressions:
- New Year well met! I came out of the basement, looking at
landing a bottle of vodka - g 100 unfinished in the tank looked - a sandwich with caviar, but once nadkusheno. He drank, ate, walked down the street. How are you?
- Bad, the whole weekend spent at home: some bastard put the rink on the hatch.

Sorry, you director?
- Yes, I am, but what?
- Do not you think that this New Year performance is very similar to last year? - What do you mean, last year the tree was turning in the opposite direction!

- And what had become of your Maiden? - Ask Santa Claus.

- Yes she been told so many compliments that it melted!

For the New Year table.
- Why did you close your eyes every time you drink?
- Yes, I promised my wife that in the new year will no longer look into the glass ...

- Madam, your husband crawled under the table - said the run up to the table the waiter lady, who at that time staring at the entrance to the hall.
- You are mistaken. My husband stands in the doorway.

The first of January. Parents call:
-Son, as the New Year met?
Son - with a hangover:
-I never met him! He came.

A guy in the morning after the New Year (with a swollen face, bloodshot eyes, unshaven) is looking in the mirror:
-So here you are, man of the third millennium ...


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