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Most idiotic crimes of the XX century

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1901 The famous mail train robbery in New Orleans. Swag were 12,568 Christmas cards.

1910 Idiotopolis, NY-PepsiCo. Local idiot John Smith decided to rob the bank. He put on his tights and walked into the office. From laughter to all visitors and guards lay on the floor, and Smith went to the counter and took from my account 10 000 dollars. Police came to the rescue with a laugh conducted grief-robber to the car.

1936 Theft of electric chair from the District State Prison Bablgama (SSHEY). The gunman in the process of execution has escaped from prison along with a chair, to which was fastened. The gunman had intended to move to Mexico and profitable to sell their booty. But to the Mexican border simpleton not only ran some two thousand kilometers, and was detained at the prison gates.

1966 Sokrovento. American J. Lovelace Fiktsinson came to meet his girlfriend Peggy just at the moment when she was in bed with her husband, Fr. Palkinsonom. Furious lover in a fit of rage threw a confused man in the window and climbed up on the frightened Peggy. Unlucky Don Juan was caught in just a few minutes behind police detachment, caused by the affected husband.

1958 Theft of an elephant, boldly committed by a group of Roma in Arkhangelsk. So not being able to resell the animal, the Gypsies were planted by the elephant back to the zoo.

1975 A couple of thieves from the New Carleon, Joanne and Joaquin Bullshit, for section loot went to court. The court decision and the division of property, and the prison term for Joan and Joaquin.

Baby Gifts1980 attempted robbery Bank of Bang-Bang in New York. Disarmed the guards, two criminals dragged out the whole detail of the pockets of the guards, as well as shiny steel bracelet and disappeared. Catch them failed, but not particularly wanted.

In 1982, unknown, broke the lock, stole from pensioner flats Othodnyakovoy reproduction of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa". Fine, cut from the magazine Ogonyok in 1974, was the only thing stolen ...

1986 At Casino City Atlantic Strainer burglar broke into a gun and threatened the cashier took the bag with 25-cent coins. Ran away from the cashier literally ten meters, the robber sat at one of the machines and began to play. Do not have time to lose two-armed bandit one-armed and half a sack, as he was caught by the police.

1994 Moscow. Breaking deposit box, perfect for beginners burglaries Popadosovym. Popadosov under the pretext of opening his cell infiltrated the bank vault and directly at clerk began to break Tommy adjacent cells.

The largest theft occurred punched in the late twentieth century, in 1998 in Moscow, the Moscow region. After nearly three years, it became clear that it was stolen about 20 cars punched cards. Who stole what, and where did such a huge amount of punch cards in Moscow remains a mystery, especially since the kidnapping nobody claimed, and the police found out about it quite by chance, overhearing a conversation at a landfill in Moscow.

1999 Skipidarsk. Robbery beer stand, committed by military personnel part, located in the neighborhood. A platoon of soldiers went to the kiosk system, under the command of a sergeant, who called by the name of order three subordinates and ordered them to rob a stall. Then, the criminals are also building disappeared behind the gates in a single district of the garrison. The investigation is still ongoing.


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